Monday, March 25, 2019

Blessing - Motivational Quote Monday

Oohhh Monday. Today was another rainy Monday in Charlotte. Anyone that lives here can vouch that this rain is straight up depressing. I know it puts me in a funk for sure. I've been struggling a lot lately. Feeling not enough.... in my job, in my relationship, in my faith, in my life...  and lemme tell you, this weather for sure isn't helping. I feel like i'm Avril Lavigne in that video of her's circa 2002 - "I'm with you" - you the one that she walks around on a cold, rainy night walking in and out of parties so lost. ahhhh my middle school emo girl is in full swing. 

I became consumed with falling deeper and deeper in how much my life sucked and thinking of all the things I wanted that I don't have.... I decided it was time to pull myself out of this. For Lent, i decided to take something on instead of "giving something up" which is the typical practice during this season. The whole purpose is to give something up that may distance your relationship from God. Some people choose sweets, cursing, etc. I wanted to take on something to bring me back to the Man with the answers. To take a step back and realize that i have one almighty power that i can give all this to. To give all my fears, doubts, stresses to. I know that i'm not where i feel like i should be, and i don't know exactly where to go - but i know where i've been and i know that i've always figured it out and have been okay. I've been able to wake up every morning with air in my lungs and in a warm bed, next to man that absolutely adores me. The more i start listing, the more grateful i feel. My family is healthy, my friends are happy, I have a working car, i have food in my fridge and heat in my house. Blessings on blessings on blessings. 

Every night I dedicate five minutes before I go to bed and I write down five things i'm thankful for. They could be the smallest of things - from a badass song that got my hype on the way to work, to a yummy salad for lunch, to a good conversation i had. It gives you a second to reflect... to go to bed with a grateful heart. <3 p="">

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