Monday, March 4, 2019

The 5am struggle

Sitting here re-watching season 1 of Very Cavarelli - AKA my only of the most addicting shows in the game. For those that haven't seen it yet, everyone's favorite mean girl from Laguna Beach and The Hills, Kristin Cavalleri has a show out on E! following her build up of her new jewelry line, Uncommon James. Not gonna lie, watching Laguna Beach was part of my weekly routine when i was in high school. My best friend, Christina and I would make special dates to watch it, snack on junk food, quote the hell out of everyone on the show, and basically talk about them in our daily lives like they were our bffs. Very Cavalleri is my 27 year old dream coming to life and gives me all the drama/pretty people/Jay Cutler that i could want and more.

ANYWAY, i digress. This post is not about Very Cavarelli. Even though i could definitely write a million pages about how amazing/perfect Kristin is.

Before the clock hit 5pm everyday at work, 99% of the time i'm writing down my list of all the things i want to do when i got home - Work out, sit down and write, do some laundry, vacuum, but i accomplished nothing. This has definitely become a daily thing and i beat myself up every damn day. I've come to realize that i need to just get my ass up in the mornings to do the things i want to get done so i can have my evenings to just unwind.

I decided to put my new plan to motion last week. I find it 100000% harder to get up when Cory is there.  Sharing a bed with another person and being the one to get up before the sun does while they cozy up and continue to sleep just makes me come up with 57 more excuses to hit snooze and pull the covers up. So, while he was out of town for work i went to bed at 9:30pm and set that alarm for 5:00am on the dot. The first day was hard. REAL hard. I woke up, scrolled insta on my phone for 45 mins, then got up to drink coffee. Accomplished nothing other than adding to my weekly screen time. I took to the app that feels like my second home to ask advice of the experts (aka my instagram friends)

I posted a story asking for help, tips, tricks, etc for those that habitually get up early to get shit done and to share the magic secret with me. I was nervous to post that simple story about my struggle to get up, i felt stupid. But, i knew i needed help from people who i wouldn't talk to during my usual day. I would've been happy if one person responded - but i got over 25 messages!! From old friends, new friends, high school friends, cousins of friends, friends of friends that gave me SUCH a plethora of ideas to get my ass up. and you know what? I felt accountable the next day to actually pull through for those people. 

I set my clothes out, i drank water as soon as i woke up, i LAUNCHED myself out of bed, i turned to coffee on ASAP. The simplest things, but it came from people who knew it worked.

Moral of the story - don't be afraid to ask for help. It's not stupid, and it might just give you that one push you need to start doing something to change your life.

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