Monday, March 18, 2019

You Are Worthy - Motivation Quote Monday

I wanted to try and keep myself accountable more with posting more. I am going to start off every Monday with a motivational quote to kick start your week!

Who else to start off your week with a badass mentality than with a quote from wonder woman, Rachel Hollis. Lemme tell you something, if you have not read this BeyoncĂ© loving, quirky, fun-loving woman has written two books – Girl, Wash your Face & Girl, Stop Apologizing, GIRL you better take your butt over to target quick and pick you up a copy. She will become your best friend, mentor and cheerleader in your head. I picked up a copy of GWYF back in August 2018 and I think I read it in about two days. Which is huge for me, because I have successfully only finished 3 books in my entire lifetime. She is also a mom of four, which even though i'm not - she is still MY PEOPLE.

I love this quote because it reminds me that i'm allowed to be a big dreamer, i'm allowed to want more for myself and not feel like i'm ungrateful for what i do have. Your dreams are YOURS, and the beauty of life is that this one if yours. Just yours. and you can do whatever you want with it. i am worthy of having a dream, to not want an average life, and to fight for it. So, go for what you want! Why spend every day just thinking about "someday..." when it could be day one.


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